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Thursday, November 18, 2010

from summer and fall events


kids before leaving to camp

playing trouble

teenagers in the camp with youth from Emanuel church

Thursday, October 21, 2010

excited times!!!

We live excited times! (Matrix) This is the feeling I've been experiencing for last few weeks. I remember all the anxiety I went through at the beginning of the summer, with all the changes we are still going through. I realize that the strongest feeling that created anxiety inside me, the one I can call to be uprooted, turned out to be, after all, one that produced the fruits of joy and excitement in my life, in the life of our community (even if usually I am a person that doesn't experience life emotional). All this was due all the people coming and going to and from our community recently. Every person, worker, volunteer or child who entered our lives, and then left, they left taking with them something out of me. As is normal when facing suffering, the tendency is to close up regarding new experiences, new people, toward change, but our Father is worthy to receive all glory for He is merciful and leads us to greener and testier pastures.

All this events from this summer and all the changes that still take place bring this state of excitement and the trust that the God is the source of it. He changes lives, transforms consciences and brings a new joy! I want to thank you a lot for your support in prayers. We appreciate all you do, and we trust that Lord called us to be partners together in this ministry.

At the beginning of the summer, when the summer holiday started for the children, we had a team form Berea United Methodist that brought a fresh air through their help and the activities they done with and for our community. Part of this team was my brother, who came with two of his children, Evi and Samuel (my niece and nephew). The joy was even greater for this visit was the cause for our family reunion (I haven't saw my brother from the States for four years and his last three children I've seen only in pictures).

After this event a void appeared when many of the workers went to WMF Gathering, and David and Lenuta left for their sabbatical. So for a while, during the summer, we were just a few of us doing the summer program with the children.

Our summer camps, even if they were organized different, brought a new air into our community. I, together with seven of our teenagers took part in the youth camp organized by Emanuel Church. The teenagers sought the face of God and experienced Him in a new way. Also, we entered into relationships with other teenagers that are seeking God, and this brought new experiences, new joy. First week in September was put aside for a camp for the younger children (1st -6th grade). Even this week was organized different form last years, having fewer children, God was glorified by the intensity of our relationships, and we had a quality time together.

The start of the new school year bought, also, many changes, which brought in me that feeling of crazy excitement I was talking about!

For the last three years our community has been praying for a social worker, (that is officially acknowledged by authority, in order to function legally). Oana, our new social worker, is God's answer to those prayers. She is more than we asked for, as we can see what she brings to our community. We are open and expectant for God to surprise us even more through her.

What brings to the excitement a greater intensity and a crazy joy – after all the pressure created by sufferance and sadness experienced during the last months when some of the workers left, and others are on their way toward leaving – is that we are looking forward to have two new people working with us. Claudia, who just graduated university with a degree in social work wants to serve with us, and Bogdan, who was already involved in our community, organizing and leading the Beggars Society meetings, will take over some of Bela's administrative responsibilities (as he and his wife are preparing to move to the States).

When the school started, we welcomed to the center a group of twelve new children, fact that adds to the feeling of excitement! After our meeting to plan this new school term, we decided that we still have the needed resources – emotional, relational, and spiritual – to offer, and we were open to receive what God has to offer us through those children.

Also, a great encouragement is the fact that some of the teenagers are going to high school, and they are helping a lot with the younger children. They help them with homework, they play together - it is a great joy to see how they are investing their lives in relationships with the „little ones”.

Fani, Ana and I, together with eight teenagers participated in a regional youth conference, where the theme was TransFormat (formed beyond the limits). This event was a bless for us, for we had a chance to worship, to hear the Word of God together with many young people from this part of Romania. We are praying and hope that God is transForming our lives entirely, by bringing light, healing and restoration, fact that is already happening into the lives of some of the teenagers.

Prayer request:
• the new children– many of them have educational lacks, and they need to do extra work to come up to their current grade – to adapt to the new structure in their lives and to receive Father's love through all they hear and experience in the community center „La Vale”;
• the teenagers– to make good choices when they are under the temptations specific to their age, and under the negative pressure coming from their friends and sometimes even from their families;
• our community– to continue to grow in unity, love and relationships in the spirit of God, and even more to grow in hearing and seeing God in all we are doing every day;
• new workers– Oana, Bogdan and Claudia to continue to hear their call and to find their place from God in this work, and to feel included and encouraged;
• Bela and April – soon they will move to the States – pray for their unborn baby, to be healthy, and the same for April.
• All the activities which need to planned around Christmas; we want God to be glorified through what we do.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July update from WMF Romania

Once again we went through a time of many, intense activities, meeting old and new friends.
For two weeks, my brother from The States visited us, with two of his children. Last time when a saw him, and his older daughter, was four years ago. His second son I haven't met till now. The time we spent with them was very good and intense. With my brother came a team formed of five people form Berea United Methodist Church, who wanted to know more about Word Made Flesh and to help our community where needed. This team did a lot of things for one week. The larger project was starting a mural painting on our metal fence. The children and the workers participated on this activity, and we are still working on it, to finish it.

For the last couple of weeks, because of the abundant rain, the valley where most of the children that came to the center live had been flooded for more than two days. Some couldn't get out of their homes, some moved away to live with relatives for a while. Right now the police is still informing people from this area that the Danube may overflow, so it will be better if they move somewhere else, to relatives or to local shelters. The local administration is building sandbag dams, as the level of Danube is still rising.

Last week, when I was returning from Bucharest (after saying goodbye to my brother and my nice and nephew) near Galaţi (after Barboşi) the train went on really slow, as the tracks were under water (about 5 inches). From the train I could see how high another river was, Siret that flows into Danube. Some people from that village, whose houses had been flooded, were living on tents. Those who have saved some of their belongings, kept them near the tents, covered in nylon. Please pray for those whose houses had been affected by flood. (see or or

For last two months we had discussions with the Child Protection Agency, to find a different foster family for F. and E., as C. family announced us that they can't take care of them anymore. Brother and sister, they are coming to the center since 2000. The C. family had them in foster care since 2005, after their father died, and their mother left them, and went to work in Italy. So for last two months we looked for something new for them. Recently their aunt open out her house for them, at least until they finish high school (another 4 years at least). Please pray so that those two children will accommodate well with the new family, the new living space, and that their wounds will be healed. Pray for this family, to truly accept them, and to know how to set healthy boundaries, with love and firmness.

The summer holiday is going on. As usually, we had planed and prepared many activities we don't have time for during the school, for the school schedule is different for each child. We planed bible study and worship, art class for every child, playing time, activities (sewing, chess, questions and answers for teenagers, working in the workshop, music, photography).
This summer, because many of us are going away, for about three weeks will be only four of us doing the activities with the children (myself, Lau, Anca and Fani). Please pray for this time, to be a good one, and for us to have energy and power to do those activities with the love of God.

The summer champ is planned for the end of August, for the children under 14. Many of the children over 14 are involved with the Agape Church, and the plan was for them to go in camp with the youth from this church. Recently the church decided that there will be no camp this summer, so we found some openings for the youth camp organized by Emanuel Church. Pray that the children from our Center and for the youth from church, to start and develop good, long term relationships, and that God will speak to them.

Please pray also for the children whose presence to the center hasn't been constant. For a few we expected that they will be missing during the summer, but they will be back when the school starts again. Still there are a few in high risk of abandoning school, even of abandoning their families. Bad influence of „friends” attracts them on the streets, and the neglect from parents doesn't attract them to be at home. Some already started to use some light drugs (besides smoking).

Thank you for your involvement in this work and for your support in prayer. When we don't know what to do, when we feel helpless (quite often) we need to know that God is still in control, and that He is still present in this broken world.

In Christ

Lau and Vali Archip

O.P. 6, C.P. 256
Galaţi, România
800 760

Friday, July 2, 2010

The team from Berea United Methodist Church

My brother came with a team of 5 people (Sarah Welch, Maxine Snively, Skip (Harvey) Little, Charles Bertrand , Jon Howson). Their mission was to know more about WMF Romania and do some projects in our Community Center “La vale”. We had the opportunity to host this team too. It was a great team who we were honored to meet and know. In their only week which they spent it in our community, we had many, intense activities. Since the Soccer World Cup is going on, now and then we got a chance to watch together some games.
We visited Peles Castle in Sinaia, Bran (Dracula) Castle and Brasov city in one day. This is a lot to do for one day.
Jon developed a mural project on the fence in our courtyard and taught some art class to our kids. Unfortunately it was a rainy week and sometimes painting outside was not possible. So we still need to finish the mural project.
Clarles led our devotion time three days in a row. It was great to here his pastoral meditations. Also there were other little projects in which everybody from the team contributed. They weeded parts of our garden, attached a water hose on the fence in our garden so that will be easier for us to water some trees that are planted far back in the garden (up the hill), put a metal post in the middle of our playground so that we can hang a volley net. They also got to know all the staff members (that were present in Galati at the time) and the children who come to the center, playing with them.

Sad goodbye

In last two weeks I had all my family together. This did not happen in the last 4 or 5 years. My brother, Nelu who lives in USA came to visit in Galati. He only came with his older daughter, Evi and second son, Samuel. His wife, Olivia who is pregnant in 7 months stayed home with their third son, Daniel. My second brother and his entire family, Cami his wife and their sons, Oliver and Ianis came form Italy, too. My third brother, George was here only for a three days. I had a lovely time with all of them especially with Evi and Samuel which I did not have a chance to see them in the last 4 years. It was a great chance for our entire family to be together (mom and dad, me and my sister Viorica and my three brothers, Nelu, Danut and George.
Yesterday after I led them to the airport and said goodbye I was sad. I hope I will see them again soon and not to wait another four years.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last night it rained a lot! I could not sleep because of it! It made me worry about our building house. Today when Lau went to check it was flooded. So we lost some resource, but it is ok. A lot of our kids who come to the center and live nearby have their houses flooded in a worse way. Please pray for them and for us.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

history of our house

In January 2007 we purchased a piece of land (270 square meters) in Galati with the Klepac’s. Immediately we start the paperwork to get the permit to build a Duplex. So in September 2007 we start to dig for building our concrete foundation. After finishing the foundation on May 2008 Lau and Joel start to build the first level of the two houses with wood. The structure was done by end of August, same summer. Unfortunately, in March 2009, Klepac’s moved back to US, after taking this hard decision a few months earlier. For months in a row we tried to find neighbors who we would know. Now, Fani (our colleague) and Lili are in the process to buy the second part of the unfinished house from Klepac.
These days Lau start to build the second level and also to help Fani with the plans for him to finish their own house.
So here are some pictures of the second floor building!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

exciting things!!!!!

1. Monday I had a day off. I stayed home and started my final paperwork for finishing the class for social work degree. With this degree our center will have a qualified social work for who we prayed in last few years because it was required by the Labor Office. It's not this what is exciting, but the fact that we have 3 new candidate who kind of want to work with us and have social work degree. So if they are going to be call by God, maybe they will work with us. I hope we have the wisdom to discern and let God lead us in this process.

2. Monday afternoon we had our first meeting with our Sabbatical committee for planning our sabbatical. It's exciting and anxious in the same time about what we are going to do for several months! I am going to write more about this later on.

3. Lau starts to work on our house. Yesterday he was helped by Paul and Tom to remove the provisory roof. Today he started to build the second floor of our house. We bought the wood about a month ago and put it in our courtyard to get dry.

4. I am so exciting that my brother Nelu, who leaves in US, will come in Galati to visit with my niece, Evi and my nephew, Samuel. I did not see Evi since she was 4 yo (she will be 8 yo in July 14th) and I never meet Samuel since he was born. Nelu will come also with a team form of 5 people from his church who wants to visit and help us at Casa 'La vale.'

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

inventing a new recipite, by vali

Tonight I invented a new recipe which I am going to share with you. So I had two handfull of rucola salad from our garden and I torn with hand, 3 green onions also from our garden and I chopped a few fresh basil leaves from my pot, chopped, 1 big tomatoe chopped. then I fryed 7 mushroom chopped and 1 zuchini thinly sliced in 3 tablespoon of olive oil. I also fryed 100g of bacon cut in thin strips. I set them aside to cool off. I mixed all ingredients in a large bowl with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. And the result was yammy!!! Me and Lau enjoy eating it!!!!!
If you like this kind of mix, have fun trying it!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

busyness of the day, by vali

I am trying to organize my time serving and doing things. Here are some things I did this day...
I got a dragon fly... and I led the staff meeting ...and participate in educator's meeting... I continued to work at the menu for the Casa "La vale" for July month... I compared my hight with George, a 14 years old adolescent... I heard Ana'saying about me renewing my covenant with wmf romania... I had lunch with first round of the kids at the Center... I am struggling against the hot whether...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

again...back in Galati

this time, after spending a total of 33 hours in train. We went to Cluj-Napoca, for Nina's wedding, and after that we went to Arad, to visit our dear friends
Ken & Katy and AMY & Keny & Johana (+ Philip & Rafaela){[:)))]}

p.s. we have a long way to learn how to post in here.

Monday, March 22, 2010

back in Galati, by lau

we are back in Galati, after spending 3 weeks in Italy, with Vali's brother's family- Danut, Cami, Oliver and Noah-Ianis.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

prayer letter February 2010

1 February 2010

Dear friends in Christ,

Today is first day of the school holiday, marking the end of the first term and preparing to start the second term. It is amazing how fast the time goes! Or my life is so full that I perceive time at full speed! Indeed, last term was full of events and many opportunities that challenged us in our service, feeling discouraged, but not without hope, cornered, but not without the power God provides through His Spirit.

This last Christmas, as we developed our tradition, we enjoyed the events through which we celebrated this holiday: walking through high snow, caroling the children's families, and the families of those that support us from Galati. The end of every caroling night (around 10 pm.) was a joy for the children for then they could have a snowball fight. The children also prepared a special program for their families, when they offered gifts to their brothers and sisters, gifts they worked for.

Our Christmas party was a special one, for a family from Emanuel Church opened their house for us. More than that, they offered to cook for us, offered us warm blankets to sit on while watching movies.

Stepping into the new year meant starting the last four weeks of the first term, and now we are at its end. Thinking over and evaluating this last time period we are grateful for the victories the children, and us with them, won day by day, against criticisms, negativism, they face from their teachers, the abuse situations from their families, the neglect and lack of interest from their families regarding their needs.

We are aware again the way God is calling us to respond to these dehumanizing situations by creating a place of safety, where they can feel that limits can be imposed through love, respect and dignity, where we take down the lies from their lives through truth, and face their resentments with acceptance, and where we can pour God's oil on their wounds.

Most of the time we have to face our own fears and wounds in our service, that from time to time try to hinder the work of the Holy Spirit. Again we recognize our constant need for our Father, His guidance, we need the courage of the Holy Spirit to overcome our own fears and limits, to be able to free others, too. This is something we ask you to join us in praying for.

Also, please pray for:

Us, to see God's presence in our daily service, in all we experience with the children.

For all workers, to have a clear vision in leading the children and their families to God.

For the new school term, that will start next week, for the children that didn't have good grades, to learn and receive good grades, to pass into next grade, and also to learn and catch up where they didn't study enough.

In Christ,

Lau & Vali Archip

O.P. 6, C.P. 256

Galaţi, România

800 760

during the winter

hopefully only one more month of winter is left.
The cold weather keeps us mostly indoors, and we try to take advantage of this by reading a lot. Vali posted on a wall a list of books to be read, and one with the books we have read this year. The first list grows every day, us we hear about new good books we will like to read. the second list... grows at a slower pace, as we finish reading, a book at a time.