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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

may update

Thank you very much for your support in every way. I will give you some brief some updates on what we have accomplished and realized.
The new year started with a new challenge for us: to pray for new staff to run our program in the village of Tudor Vladimirescu. Thanks be to God, that He sent Cati Sava (the one I talked about in my last update) and Diana Petecariu to rebuild and continue the relationships with the children and their families who are involved in our program in this village. Pray for these two women to continue to hear and to follow our God’s calling, whatever it might be.
We continued our tradition for Easter Sunday with planning and sharing a festive meal with our children and their families. This is one of our joys over the year to celebrate the resurrection or our King over a meal which reminds us of the banquet party we are going to celebrate when the Kingdom of God is fully established on the Earth as in Heaven.
Two weeks ago we had our staff retreat. As usually we went to the same place in the mountains (the place we went for the last 7 years for staff retreat and camp with the children). Our retreat theme was to reflect on our lifestyle celebrations: intimacy, obedience, humility, community, service, simplicity, submission, brokenness and suffering. This is a very consistent time for us because we intentionally take time for solitude, away from our daily activities, to search and hear from our King.
Give thanks to God with us for the children who continue to be consistent in going to school and in participating in our program. God continue to teach us through them what it means to be like a child in order to be able to see God’s dimension for the human life – the Kingdom of Heaven. 
In June we will celebrate the end of this school year. By organizing this event we want to affirm and celebrate the children and their parents because they made it through this year.
July, 7th to 13th- will take place our camp for all the children in our programs. We plan for a team from North Carolina to come to camp with us. This team will lead some music sessions with the children. Pray that all our planning goes well and for wisdom in knowing how to relate, share and learn about the Goodness of God in our lives.
Pray for our summer program – we plan to have a lot of fun activities (clubs, outings) which are not possible to do during the school year.
Pray also, for our children to be protected against violence, abuse of any type and other kinds of evils. We fought against these kinds of evils lately. Pray that God will bring all these evil acts to light and to bring healing and awareness of the bad things for the victims and their families. Also, pray for us to not despair in the face of these evils and to dare to challenge them.

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